Content Management Systems - CMS

A content management system allows you or your staff to self manage the information that is on your website. It is particularly important if you have news worthy updates to your products, or your company runs regular "specials" that you broadcast to your customer base, whether they are a dealer network or the end user consumer.

A CMS allows you to manage your website if and when you wish to make changes without the cost or time loss getting a third party programmer in to achieve your changes.

Over the past 20 years we have watched a great deal of technology come and go, which has really helped us define our strategy in terms of where we invest our development and which products we place our time and resources into.

It should also be stated up front that all CMS websites require a great deal more resources than static pages, they also need constant monitoring for security updates. Once any aspect of the CMS system is upgraded, it is vital that the core technology is maintained to ensure that your data is secure.


We have been using Joomla over the past decade, especially for complex websites that have a great deal of detailed content under various navigation levels. Whilst it relies heavily on "managers" to locate and update "articles" (content), Joomla is definitely a very reliable tool set.

As experienced Joomla developers we have a very solid set of reliable add-ons that we use to extend Joomla to perform almost any task imaginable.


Concrete5 is an amazing platform that is very stable, has a great community behind it and most importantly operates in a WYSIWYG environment, so you can update information and add pages, text, graphics all on the actual page that you are working on. This is referred to as an "in line" editing situation as it doesn't rely on "managers" to do the heavy lifting.

This is very much like laying out a page in Word® or Adobe Indesign® for example. Very secure and easy for our clients to manage their website updates themselves, saving them time and money.

Word Press

We have actually avoided working with Word Press as it is so popular that there is almost a daily necessity to patch the software, as many of the add-on programs required for functionality present security risks that we as a company are not really willing to take.

We accept that there are some absolutely awesome templates and add-ons that seem to really work extremely well, however the security side, the constant patching imposes too larger risk to our servers. We are really not prepared to expose our clients to this technology.

There are many more content management systems available - they spring up almost weekly. At Queensland Net we have found that Concrete5 and Joomla really provide all the tools that our clients require to perform seriously complex website development.

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